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Monitoring Attendance is a key issue in the cleaning industry to ensure our service levels remain consistent we use a range of solutions, from conventional mobile / tablets to even biometrics.

Tracking and Monitoring

We have invested in a bespoke monitoring system, an easy and flexible method of capturing employees Time and Attendance records by using any type of telephone. This allows employees who work remotely to provide accurate clocking data even when based away from the site. Where traditional clocking solutions can struggle to offer a cost effective way of clocking remote workers, the system allows employees to ‘clock in’ by using existing communication infrastructure.

attendance monitoring

attendance monitoring

Each employee is issued a PIN during the onboarding process, whilst each site record includes a Calling Line Identifier (CLI). Employees simply dial in using a Freephone number and enter their PIN when prompted. It’s that simple! Further prompts can capture job or task related information providing greater clarity of activity.

The Google mapping integration provides employees optimised routes between locations and provides geo fenced alerting ensuring they are where they say they are!

attendance monitoring

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